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Below, we have gathered some of the most common questions we receive, and answers to them.

Most of our customers make their first contact to water purification systems with us. It’s important to us that you receive the needed knowledge and answers to your questions, so that you can make a safe purchase. If you can’t find an answer to something thats been bothering you, let us know your question via the form at the bottom of the site. We’ll get you your answer and might add it to the list as well!

EMPRO- water purification systems are designed specifically for nordic environments. Our products can purify water from almost any natural water source in the nordics. However, it should be noted that salt concentrations should not exceed 0,8%.

The purification process happens via reverse osmosis and no chemicals are applied. Water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane at a high pressure, which separates water molecules from other matter, such as larger ions, molecules, viruses, bacteria etc. get blocked and washed away off the membrane by the water feed.

EMPRO- water purification solutions are extremely easy to use. Everyone can perform the basic maintenance duties such as replacing pre-filters and winter preparations (if device is stored in cold spaces).

Don’t worry. Just apply a foodstuff-grade anti-freeze solution to the device for the winter.

It’s better than the standards require. The water is extremely soft and clean. EMPRO- purified water has been  analyzed by two laboratories with accreditated methods. Feel free to ask for the results from

Yes. Just add the EMPRO-device to the water network after the well pump.

Anywhere where the device is safe from weather and scorching heat (ie. not directly in midsummer sun). Indoors, it should be located in a space that is suitable for water appliances and where the (low) operating sound won’t distract ie. sleeping.

EMPRO-solutions have a 2 year guarantee.

Definitely. Our products are designed ground up to be used with solar power. EMPRO-100 and EMPRO-250 are excellent choices for locations with limited power options.

The device is very quiet. Sound level is approximately 52-55db while all pumps are running, which is similiar to a pretty quiet washing machine.

EMPRO-devices have their own integrated pure water tank fitted to accommodate all needs in a typical summer home or home scenario.

Of course! The device itself is easy to install. However, we do recommend using a plumbing professional, if only to just shift the blame on someone other than you if something goes wrong.

Typically our customers change the pre-filters 1-3 times a year. Changing the filters takes roughly 15-25 minutes.

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