Water purification system for homes – EMPRO-250

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“Reverse osmosis water purification system for your home or villa. Clean and running water straight from seawater, lakewater or even from low quality well water.”



EMPRO-250 reverse osmosis water purification system delivers clean running water for your home or villa. EMPRO-250 is capable of purifying almost any type of natural water, such as seawater, lakewater or even well water with high concentrations of iron and manganese. The system provides your home clean water for use in sauna, kitchen, kitchen appliances, showers and all other everyday uses. Due to its high energy efficiency, EMPRO-250 is perfectly usable with solar energy.

EMPRO-250 is the perfect solution for clean running water at your  home or villa without joining a municipal water network or taking a risk by drilling a new well or trying to restore an old one. Is your well water murky? High concentrations of iron, manganese or salt? Don’t want to pay the hefty pricetag of joining a municipal water network? Or maybe you’re just tired of carrying drinking water to your home in canisters? Let us fix your problem once and for all.

EMPRO-250 is a compact, fully encapsulated All-In-One solution, which makes it safe to use.

  • EMPRO-250 is fitted with an integrated distribution pump, which delivers the purified water automatically to the water network of your choosing as ie. a water tap is opened
  • Purified water is stored in a 310 liter integrated water tank to level spikes in water consumption
  • Amazing purification capabilities for especially high concentrations of iron and manganese (9000 µg/l and 2000 µg/l). With EMPRO, you won’t need additional expensive pre-filtering for iron.
  • The system utilizes multiple patented technologies, which enable it to run exceedingly energy efficient and at a high rate of efficiency
  • EMPRO-100 utilizes completely unique internal-flushing and membrane-cleaning  techniques, which drastically lower the upkeep costs typical associated with reverse osmosis systems. Yearly upkeep for EMPRO-250 for a typical customer is around only 106-158€.

EMPRO-systems purify water via reverse osmosis, which separates clean water molecules from iron, manganese, salt and almost all other impurities. The water is absolutely reliably fit for drinking. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for an idea what kind of raw water our systems can purify.

EMPRO-100 is also known by its Biolan brand, Aquathor 310.

Raw water pump installation guide (.pdf) [FIN]

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