Water purification system for cottages - NERO-Cottage

“Reverse osmosis water purification system for your leisure home or cottage. Running clean water straight from seawater, lakewater or even from low quality well water.”

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Product description

NERO-Cottage is the new generation reverse osmosis system for your leisure home or cottage. The system is designed to provide all household and drinking water for up to 4 users even without an additional buffertank.

The system removes practically all impurities from seawater, lakewaters and even from highly contaminated well waters with high concentrations of iron and manganese.

  • Production rate 100 liters / hour
  • Integrated pure water storage tank 60 liters (+direct flow, if buffer is used up completely)
  • Ready-to-Use NERO-buffertanks can be easily added to new and existing systems ranging from 60 to 330 liters on volume.
  • All-In-One reverse osmosis system
  • Amazingly easy to install and maintain
  • Typical membrane lifespan 5-10 years

NERO-IDS Distribution system delivers the purified water automatically when taps are opened

NERO-HybridFlow -patented directflow functionality enables the system to override the buffertank when it is empty, but water is still being consumed. The system keeps delivering all the new freshly purified water directly to the network, without filling the tank to 30% like other systems on the market.

Used with

Well water (ie. iron, manganese, fluorides, salt etc.)
Sea water (salt etc.)
Lakewater (bacteria, humus etc.)
Or pretty much any other natural water!


Low energy consumption
High recovery rate
Easy and fast maintenance
All-in-one -solution
Adjustment free
Long membrane lifecycle

Product information

Height: 775.0 mm
Depth: 610.0 mm
Width: 490.0 mm
Two year guarantee
Rate: 100 liters/hour
Energy consumption: max 420 W
Clean water tank: 60 l
Noise level: n. 55 dBA while purifying
Price: 5150€

Delivery includes

Integrated clean water tank
Pre-installed filter set
External 20″ pre-filter housing
NERO-Cottage system – Tested and ready to be installed and used

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