Why choose Finnvoda

1. Market leader of consumer directed reverse osmosis systems in Finland

While being a market leader may not be reason enough to choose your supplier, you can be certain that the market is already experienced our products for 10 years. At Finnvoda, we ensure that our products will solve your problem and from the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank our customers for trusting us.

Close to a thousand delivered systems.

2. In-house product development. Incredible solutions. For you.

Our unique internal flushing technique, membrane cleaning function and multiple patented technologies guarantee our customers a solution which has a high efficiency rate (50%), ultra high capabilities for purifying iron and manganese at low maintenance costs without compromise. In fact, many of our competitors don’t even believe its true. Well, it is. EMPRO-solutions are delivered in a All-In-One package, and they never need to be supported by iron and manganese pre-filtering nor water softeners.

Multiple patented technologies.

3. Our expertise belongs to everyone interested in our products. For free.

In-House product development with close to a decade of experience grants you the absolute best support with your product whenever you need it. We don’t import our products, we make them. We at Finnvoda commit to a long term relationship with our customers, where the customers questions and worries are absolutely our responsibility to answer to. We wouldn’t have gotten this far by importing second grade hardware and your recommendation to our next customer is highly important to us.

Emme olisi päässeet tähän asti laiminlyömällä asiakkaitamme tai toimittamalla kakkosluokan tuontitekniikkaa. Sinun suosittelusi seuraavalle asiakkuudellemme on meille elintärkeä asia.

The best support for the best products.

Esa Aalto - Here to help you!

Esa Aalto - Here to help you!

Helping customers, marketing and business planning

My job is to help our customers with all their questions, which pretty much means my main responsibility is to try and stay easy to approach and talk to. I understand that most people get their first contact to water purification with me, and I'm in absolutely no hurry. Just ask everything you need to know.

Niko Lindroos - Production Manager

Niko Lindroos - Production Manager

Product- and product development manufacturing

Hi, I'm Niko. Pretty much all of the EMPRO-systems out there are put together by me. The bulk of my work consists of assembling and testing all EMPRO-systems before they get sent to you. I hope you are enjoying our products!

Esko Aulanko - CEO

Esko Aulanko - CEO

Product development, business management and demanding technical support

1980-2008 - KONE Oyj: Product, manufacturing and quality assurance management positions
2008- Consultant at KONE Oyj product development
2011- CEO at Finnvoda (EMP-Innovations Oy)

Roughly 140 domestic patents, close to 1400 foreign patents and applications.

Jorma Mustalahti - Head of R&D

Jorma Mustalahti - Head of R&D

Product development and demanding technical support

1981-2009 - KONE OYj: Product- and product development
2009-2011 - The Switch Oy: Head designer in wind turbine projects
2011- Product development consultant

Roughly 105 domestic patents, and estimated 1180 foreign patents and patent applications

Reverse Osmosis?

Our products utilize reverse osmosis for water purification. Reverse osmosis is an exceedingly efficient method for purifying natural waters such as sea, lake and well waters. The basic idea behind reverse osmosis (RO) is to force water through a semi-permable membrane by applying pressure to the water higher than that of the osmotic pressure. Only water penetrates the membrane, while viruses, bacteria and almost all metallic ions, salts and other impurities don’t. This way, it is possible to produce extremely clean drinking water straight from the sea, lake or even contaminated well water. Membrane-based water purification techniques have been proven to be the most reliable technique out of all the modern water treatment methods, of which, the RO-membrane process is the most developed of. Reverse osmosis has long been expensive and difficult to use, as the devices generally need more or less customer (water) tailored settings to function correctly.

Because of us and EMPRO-technology, this is no longer the case

We have successfully managed to combine reverse osmosis, water tank, distribution pump and pre-filtering in the same compact package, that is easy to use. Our customers only need to flick the power switch to turn the device on and enjoy the pure water. EMPRO-products also have an internal flushing mechanism which greatly prolongs the membrane and pre-filter lifetime and adjusts automatically to the water its being given. Maintenance can be done by anyone so there’s absolutely no need to be a water purification professional to use our products.

For the past decade we have worked very hard to develop solutions that fit any single customers’ needs without tailoring or external support from other technologies. We reached that goal. The raw efficiency of our solutions is unmatched. We warmly offer you the opportunity to visit us at our factory in Hyvinkää Finland and see everything with your own eyes.

tuotteidemme ylivertainen tekninen suorituskyky sekä kokonaiskustannukset asiakkaalle kestävät tarkastelua kilpailussa erinomaisesti. Toivotamme Hyvinkäälle tehtaallemme tervetulleeksi kaikki ratkaisuistamme kiinnostuneet!

Finnvoda - Käänteisosmoosivedenpuhdistuslaitteet mökeille, kotiin ja yrityksille

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Empro 100

Puhdas vesi kesäkäytössä oleville vapaa-ajan asunnoille.

Empro 250

Puhdas vesi omakotitaloille ja vapaa-ajan asunnoille.

Empro 500

Puhdas vesi yritystoimintaan tai vaativiin kohteisiin.

Empro 4000

Puhdas vesi teolliseen käyttöön ja vaativiin kohteisiin

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